Discover Allison TES 295 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

Allison TES 295 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

Equivalent fluids must meet Allison’s TES 295 performance requirements. Some tes 295 transmission fluid equivalent examples include Delo Syn ATF 6681, Castrol Transynd, Shell Spirax S6 ATF, and Mobil Delvac 1 ATF. Always consult your vehicle’s manual for the recommended fluid.

What Is TES 295 Transmission Fluid?

Allison TES 295 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

TES 295 is a specification for automatic transmission fluid (ATF) formulated by Allison Transmission.

Its designed fluid is designed to meet all Allison automatic transmissions to ensure proper performance and longevity.

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TES 295 Approved Transmission Fluids

TES 295 is an Allison approved fluid for various Allison transmissions. Accepted fluids include Dexron III, Mercon V, BP Autran Syn-295, Delo Syn ATF 668, and Mobil Delvac synthetic ATF. They extend drain intervals.

Allison TES 295 Transmission Fluid Specification

Shell Spirax S6 ATF A295 is a transmission fluid developed in collaboration with Allison, offering exceptional protection for automatic transmissions, extended oil-drain intervals up to 300,000 miles, and improved vehicle reliability, especially for older Allison transmissions. It is suitable for various commercial and vocational vehicles.

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Is TES 295 Synthetic?

Yes, TES 295 is a synthetic transmission fluid specifically designed for automatic transmissions, known for its high quality and performance in various vehicle applications.

What Is The Difference Between TES 295 And 389?

Below is a table highlighting the main differences between TES 295 and TES 389 ATF specifications:

AspectTES 295TES 389
PurposeATF specification for automatic transmissions in heavy-duty vehicles, especially those with Allison transmissions.ATF specification for automatic transmissions in heavy-duty vehicles, especially those with Allison transmissions.
Friction PropertiesDesigned for enhanced friction control to optimize transmission performance and reduce clutch wear.Designed for specific friction characteristics to meet the requirements of certain Allison transmission models.
CompatibilityCompatible with most Allison transmission models, including the latest ones.Tailored to specific Allison transmission models and may not be suitable for all transmissions.
Synthetic vs. MineralTES 295 ATF is typically synthetic-based, offering improved performance and longevity.TES 389 ATF can be synthetic or mineral-based, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation.
Specification YearTES 295 specifications are updated periodically to meet evolving performance requirements.TES 389 specifications are updated periodically to meet evolving performance requirements.
ApplicationSuitable for a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, including buses, trucks, and industrial equipment with Allison transmissions.Primarily used in specific Allison transmission models where TES 389 fluid is specified by the manufacturer.

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What Is The Difference Between TES 295 And TES 468?

Difference Between TES 295 And TES 468

Here’s a table comparing tes 295® transmission fluid with TES 468:

SpecificationTES 295TES 468 
ApplicationUse in AllisonTES 668 is specified for all Allison 1000, allison 3000, and 4000.
ManufacturerAllison TransmissionAllison Transmission
PerformanceDesigned for heavy dutyOn-highway 
commercial vehicles
Fluid TypeSynthetic transmission fluidFully Synthetic fluid
ApprovalSpecific AllisonAllison
CompatibilityCompatible with AllisonAllison

Can You Mix TES 295 And TES 668?

Yes, you can mix Allison TES-295 and TES 668 transmission fluids. As they are both compatible with each other and same formulation.

They ensure proper performance and protection in your vehicle’s transmission system.

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What Is The Difference Between Allison TES 295 And 668?

What Is The Difference Between Allison TES 295 And 668?

Allison TES 295 and 668 are synthetic automatic transmission fluids, but TES 295 is designed for heavy-duty applications, while 668 is for commercial vehicles, with varying synthetic base formulations.

What Is Allison TES 295?

Allison TES 295 is a specification for transmission fluid, ensuring lubricant quality for Allison automatic transmissions, enhancing performance and durability in demanding applications.

What Is The Allison TES 668 Equivalent?

The Allison TES 668’s equivalent is the Delo Syn ATF 668, a high-performance transmission fluid designed to meet the same rigorous standards and requirements.

What Is TES 389?

TES-389 is a specific type of transmission fluid designed for use in Allison transmissions.

It meets Allison’s stringent requirements for optimal performance and durability. Regular ATF fluids should not be used in Allison transmissions as they may not provide the necessary protection and could lead to damage.

Can You Use Regular Atf In Allison Transmission?

Regular ATF fluids may lack the specific additives and viscosity levels required for Allison transmissions, compromising their longevity and efficiency.

Always use the manufacturer-recommended Allison fluids to maintain your transmission’s reliability.

What Is The Oil Equivalent To The Tfc 430?

The TFC 430 requires an oil equivalent that ensures transmission durability. Synthetic base oils are essential for optimal performance and longevity.

Allison TES 295 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

Allison TES 295 transmission fluid is an ideal choice for maintaining transmission durability. Its synthetic base oils offer superior protection and performance.

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TES 295 Transmission Fluid Equivalent Duramax

When it comes to Duramax engines, TES 295 transmission fluid is the equivalent of choice. Synthetic base oils contribute to extended transmission durability.

TES-295 Vs Dexron Vi

Comparing TES-295 to Dex VI, the former excels in transmission durability, thanks to its synthetic base oils, providing superior protection and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is TES 295 the same as TES 389?

TES 295 and TES 389 are different transmission fluids, each with distinct spec and applications, not interchangeable due to variations in performance standards.

2. Who makes TES 295 transmission fluid?

TES 295 transmission fluid is produced by various manufacturers in accordance with the TES 295 specification, including well-known lubricant companies.

3. Is TES 668 compatible with TES 295?

TES 668 and TES 295 are separate transmission fluid specifications; compatibility depends on specific transmission and manufacturer recommendations; consult product documentation for precise guidance.


In conclusion, it is imperative to use TES 295 transmission fluid equivalent in your vehicle’s transmission system to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Choosing the right transmission fluid is crucial in maintaining the integrity and functionality of your transmission.

And TES 295 equivalent fluids have been specifically designed to meet the highest standards of quality and compatibility.

By adhering to this standard, you can rest assured that your transmission will operate smoothly and efficiently.

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