Finding The Right Castrol Transynd 668 Equivalent

TES 668 Transmission Fluid Equivalents

Lubricant helps to reduce internal temperature.  Discover the exceptional performance and reliability of the Castrol Transynd 668 Equivalent, a game-changer in transmission fluid technology.

There are many approved fluids that can be used as an alternative to  668 transmission fluid for allison.

However, if you’re looking for an equivalent product, look no further than Castrol TranSynd 668.

With its exceptional quality and compatibility, it provides the same level of protection and performance for your transmission.

Whether it’s for commercial or personal use, Transynd 668 Transmission Fluid and its equivalent options are essential for maintaining optimal transmission health and reliability.

What Is 668 Transmission Fluid?

TES 668® is a premium version of TES 295®, a synthetic fluid with a strong 20-year track record.

It offers excellent performance thanks to a modern additive package. TES 668® is designed to meet strict requirements for fluid stability, lubrication, and cold weather use.

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Castrol TranSynd 668 1 GALLON Transmission Fluid

Castrol Transynd 668 Equivalent


  • 1-gallon container for ample supply
  • Specifically formulated for heavy-duty transmissions
  • Provides exceptional wear protection
  • Enhances shifting performance
  • Excellent thermal stability for extended fluid life
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial applications
  • Cost-effective replacement

CHRYSAN SYN 668 5 Gallon Transmission Fluid 

Finding The Right Castrol Transynd 668 Equivalent


  • CHRYSAN SYN 668 Transmission Fluid is a high-performance synthetic fluid.
  • Designed for automatic transmissions, it offers excellent lubrication.
  • Provides stable viscosity
  • Extended drain intervals
  • Maintains consistent performance in extreme temperatures.
  • Enhances fuel efficiency and extends transmission life.

Transynd 668 Transmission Fluid 


  • TranSynd 668 is an approved full synthetic transmission fluid.
  • Exceptional high-temperature stability for extended fluid life.
  • Provides outstanding protection against wear and friction.
  • Enhanced resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown.
  • Recommended for heavy-duty and commercial vehicle transmissions.

What Is Compatible With Transynd 668?

Transynd 668, a synthetic automatic transmission fluid, is typically backward compatible with 295 and 468.

However, compatibility may vary, so it’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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What Is The Equivalent Of Tes 668?

Transynd 668 and Delo Syn ATF 668 are both synthetic automatic transmission fluids designed for heavy-duty vehicles. They are typically compatible with each other.

Castrol Transynd 668 Spec Sheet

Characteristic Specification 
Density 0.848 g/ml
Appearance Clear 
Colour Red 
Viscosity7.4 mm²/s
Pour Point-63°C 
Application Truck or heavy duty car

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What Is The Difference Between Tes 295 And Tes 668?

Here’s a table highlighting the key differences between TES 295 and TES 668:

AspectTES 295TES 668
ApplicationPrimarily for on-highway automatic transmissionsDesigned for off-highway transmissions
Transmission TypesSuitable for Allison on-highway transmissionsSpecifically formulated for off-highway
and other OEMs that require tes-295 fluidsTransmissions, such as construction and
mining equipment
ViscosityTypically a lower-viscosity fluidTypically a higher viscosity fluid
Additive PackagesDesigned with additives for on-highway useFormulated with additives for off-highway
and fuel efficiencyuse and enhanced durability
Specific PerformanceMeets performance standards for on-highwayMeets the specific needs of off-highway
Requirementsapplications, including shifting performance,transmissions, including protection against
frictional properties, and wear protectionshock loads and severe operating conditions
OEM ApprovalsRecognized by several OEMs for on-highwayRecognized by OEMs involved in off-highway
Industry StandardsConforms to industry standards such asComplies with industry standards such as
Allison TES specifications and some ASTMAllison TES specifications and ASTM

Castrol Transynd 668 Viscosity

Castrol Transynd 668’s kinematic viscosity at 100°C is an important parameter, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

What Color Is Transynd Transmission Fluid?

Transynd transmission fluid is typically red in color, similar to many other synthetic ATF formulations.

What Is Bp Tes 295 Syn Transmission Fluid?

The “BP” in “BP Tes 295 Syn” likely refers to the manufacturer or brand, while “Tes 295 Syn” appears to be a product name or designation.

Castrol Transynd 668 Napa

Castrol Transynd is a brand of transmission fluid commonly used in heavy-duty and commercial vehicles. Napa is a well-known automotive parts and accessories retailer.

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Castrol Transynd 668 Equivalent Viscosity

The equivalent viscosity of Castrol Transynd 668, which is typically used in automatic transmissions, is approximately 6.9 mm²/s at 100°C.

Viscosity is commonly measured in centistokes (cSt), and 6.9 mm²/s is equivalent to 6.9 cSt

Castrol Transynd 668 Equivalent Duramax

Castrol Transynd 668 is a high-quality automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for heavy-duty Allison transmissions. It is known for its excellent performance and durability in demanding applications.

Key Considerations When Choosing An Equivalent

When choosing a fluid equivalent, consider factors like viscosity, chemical compatibility, temperature resistance, and performance requirements to ensure optimal fluid substitution in various applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Weight Is Transynd 668?

Transynd 668 weighs approximately 38.2 pounds, making it a relatively lightweight product in its category.

2. Who Makes Transynd 668?

Transynd 668 is manufactured by Castrol, a reputable company known for producing high-quality lubricants and fluids.

3. Is Dexron 3 Compatible With Transynd?

Yes, Dexron 3 is compatible with Transynd, making it a suitable transmission fluid choice for vehicles requiring the Transynd specification.

4. Can You Mix Transynd 668 And 295?

Yes, you can mix Transynd 668 and 295 as both are transmission fluids designed for heavy-duty vehicles.

However, it’s essential to follow manufacturer recommendations and ensure compatibility for your specific application.


The Castrol Transynd 668 equivalent is essential for maintaining optimal performance and longevity in heavy-duty automatic transmissions, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for your vehicle’s operation.

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