Allison Transmission Fluid Capacity Chart

Allison Transmission Fluid Capacity Chart

The Allison Transmission Fluid Capacity Chart is an essential reference tool for individuals and professionals working with vehicles equipped with Allison transmissions.

These transmissions are commonly found in a variety of applications, including commercial trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

What Is Allison Transmission Fluid?

Allison Transmission Fluid Capacity Chart

Allison Transmission Fluid is a type of lubricating fluid specifically designed for use in Allison automatic transmissions.

Allison Transmission is a well-known manufacturer of automatic transmissions, particularly in the commercial and heavy-duty vehicle industry.

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Allison Transmission Fluid Capacity Chart

ModelFluid Level/Amount of fluid
100014.8 quarts 
170017 quarts
175014.8 quart
210013 quart
220013 quart
230013 quart
255013 quart
300029 quarts
320030 quarts
350017 or 19 quarts
37003700 quarts
400048 quarts
420048 quarts
443048 quarts

What Transmission Fluid Is Best?

The choice of transmission fluid for your vehicle depends on various factors, including the type of transmission your vehicle has, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and your specific driving conditions. Valvoline is a well-known brand that offers a range of transmission fluids. 

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What Is The Best Fluid For An Allison Transmission?

What Is The Best Fluid For An Allison Transmission?

The best transmission fluid for a TES 668® vehicle is one that meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

And is TES 668® approved, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your transmission.

How Much Fluid Does An Allison Transmission Take?

An Allison transmission typically requires a specific amount of transmission fluid. The exact fluid capacity depends on the specific model, but it’s essential to use the recommended Allison transmission fluid.

How Much Transmission Fluid Do You Use?

The amount of transmission fluid you need to use should match the transmission’s fluid capacity, as specified in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Using the correct amount is crucial for proper transmission operation and durability.

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How Much Fluid Does A 3000 Allison Transmission Hold?

A 3000 Allison transmission can hold a varying amount of fluid depending on the specific model and application.

The fluid capacity can range from several gallons to more, so consulting the transmission’s specifications is essential.

How Much Oil Does An Allison 4500 Hold?

An Allison 4500 transmission has its fluid capacity specified in the manufacturer’s documentation.

To ensure optimal performance, it’s crucial to maintain the fluid level within the t48 quarts range.

What Is Standard Transmission Fluid?

Standard transmission fluid varies depending on the type of transmission. Automatic transmissions often use automatic transmission fluid (ATF), while manual transmissions use manual transmission fluid (MTF). The specific type required depends on the transmission’s specifications.

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How Much Transmission Fluid Do I Need If Empty?

How Much Transmission Fluid Do I Need If Empty?

When filling a transmission from empty, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the correct amount of fluid.

Typically, this can range from several quarts to several gallons, depending on the transmission model.

What Is The Difference Between Allison 1000 And 3000?

The Allison 1000 and 3000 transmissions differ in terms of their specifications, including the number of gears and torque capacity.

The Allison 1000 is generally found in light-duty applications, while the 3000 is more suited for medium-duty use.

How Many Speeds Is An Allison 4000 Transmission?

The Allison 4000 transmission can have varying numbers of speeds depending on the specific model and application. It’s important to know the exact specifications for your particular vehicle.

How Much Can You Refill Allison 4000?

When refilling an Allison 4000 transmission, it’s essential to add the correct amount of fluid to maintain the recommended fluid level for proper operation.

What Color Is Allison Transmission Fluid?

Allison transmission fluid is typically red or reddish-brown in color. It’s important to use the recommended fluid to ensure the transmission’s durability and performance.

Can You Use Atf 4 In Allison Transmission?

It’s essential to use the recommended transmission fluid for Allison transmissions. Using ATF-4 may not be suitable for all models, so always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines.

What Color Is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid can be red or green, depending on the type and brand. The color alone is not a reliable indicator of the fluid’s condition, so regular maintenance is essential.

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How Much Does Transmission Fluid Last?

Transmission fluid’s lifespan depends on various factors, including driving conditions and maintenance practices.

It’s generally recommended to change the fluid at specific intervals to maintain transmission health.

What Are Signs Of Low Transmission Fluid?

Signs of low transmission fluid include slipping gears, rough shifts, strange noises, and transmission overheating. Regularly checking the fluid level is crucial to avoid these issues.

How Do You Know When Transmission Fluid Is Full?

To know when transmission fluid is full, use the dipstick provided by the manufacturer.

The fluid should be at the level indicated on the dipstick when the engine is warm and running.

What Happens If Transmission Fluid Is To Full?

Overfilling transmission fluid can lead to foaming, which can cause erratic shifting and damage internal components. It’s essential to maintain the fluid level within the recommended range.

How Many Times Can You Change Transmission Fluid?

You should typically change transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. It’s essential to drain and replace it regularly to maintain optimal performance, especially if using specialized fluids like Transynd.

What Is The Normal Temperature For An Allison Transmission?

The normal fluid temperature for an Allison transmission typically falls between 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper cooling, aided by a transmission cooler, helps reduce friction and maintain optimal performance.

When Should I Change My Allison Transmission Fluid?

When Should I Change My Allison Transmission Fluid?

You should change your Allison transmission fluid at regular intervals, typically every 25,000 to 30,000 miles.

Additionally, it’s essential to replace the filter and inspect the clutch during this maintenance routine for optimal performance and longevity.

What Transmission Fluid For Allison 5 Speed?

For an Allison 5-speed transmission, it’s recommended to use transmission fluid that meets the specifications of Allison’s TES 295®.

One suitable option is Castrol Transynd 668, which is designed to meet these requirements.

Allison Approved Transmission Fluid List

Allison Approved Transmission Fluids include TranSynd, Emgard 2805, Mobil Delvac 1 ATF, Fleetrite Synthetic ATF, Shell Spirax, CNH HD Synthetic ATF, Autran Syn 295, and Triton 295 ATF.

Best Transmission Fluid For Allison 1000

The recommended transmission fluid for an Allison 1000, commonly paired with the Duramax diesel engine, is the genuine Allison-approved TES 295 fluid. Using the right type of transmission fluid ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Allison 1000 Approved Fluids

Allison 1000 transmissions are compatible with fluids meeting the TES 295 specification.

It’s crucial to stick to approved fluids to prevent damage to your transmission and maintain its warranty.

Allison 1000 Fluid Change Amount

Allison 1000 transmissions often feature an external filter and an anti-shudder valve. These components play a crucial role in maintaining smooth operation and preventing shudder or judder issues. Allison 1000 transmission fluid type change amount 14.8 quarts.

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Allison Transmission Fluid Specification

Allison transmissions, such as the Allison 1000, adhere to specific fluid specifications like TES 295.

It’s essential to use a fluid that meets these specs to ensure proper operation and longevity.

Recommended Fluid For Allison Transmission

The recommended fluid for an Allison transmission, especially in diesel applications like Duramax, is TES 295-compliant fluid. During a fluid change on an Allison 1000 transmission, it’s advisable to replace the transmission fluid and  filter as well. This ensures the removal of contaminants and prolongs the life of your transmission.

Atf For Allison Transmission

Allison transmissions do not use traditional automatic transmission fluid (ATF). Instead, they require specialized TES 295 fluid to maintain their reliability. Always consult your mechanic or the manufacturer’s spec for the correct fluid 


  • Allison 4000 Transmission Fluid Capacity
  • The fluid capacity of Allison 4000 is 48 quarts. 
  • Allison 2200 Transmission Fluid Capacity
  • The fluid capacity of Allison 2200 is 14 quarts. 
  • Allison 2200 Transmission Fluid Capacity
  • The fluid capacity of Allison 2200 is 14 quarts. 
  • Allison 2500 Transmission Fluid Capacity
  • The fluid capacity of Allison 2500 is 14 quarts. 

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In conclusion, the Allison transmission fluid capacity chart serves as an invaluable resource for vehicle owners and mechanics alike.

By providing precise information on the recommended fluid levels for different Allison transmission models, it ensures that these critical components of the vehicle operate at optimal performance levels.

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