JWS 3309 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

JWS 3309 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

JWS 3309 is a specification for automatic transmission fluids used in certain Toyota, Volvo, and Lexus vehicles.

JWS 3309 transmission fluid equivalent  includes Mobil ATF 3309, Maxlife ATF by Valvoline, Amsoil ATF, Nulon Multi Vehicle Trans Fluid, and Penrite ATF FS.

These fluids meet the required standards and can be used as replacements in compatible vehicles, ensuring smooth and reliable transmission performance.

Mobil 3309 Transmission Fluid

JWS 3309 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

Mobil 1 3309 Transmission Fluid is meticulously designed to provide optimal performance in Toyota vehicles. This advanced transmission fluid ensures smooth gear shifting and superior protection for your transmission system.

Key Features:

  • Specifically formulated for Toyota transmissions.
  • Exceptional protection against wear and tear.
  • Smooth and precise gear shifts.
  • Enhanced thermal stability for prolonged fluid life.


  • Specially engineered for Toyota vehicles, ensuring compatibility.
  • Guards against transmission wear, extending component life.
  • Minimizes friction for seamless gear changes.
  • Resists heat buildup, maintaining fluid integrity over time.


  • May not be suitable for non-Toyota vehicles.

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Valvoline Syn Gard Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Valvoline Syn Gard Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Valvoline Syn Gard Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a high-quality lubricant engineered to optimize the performance of your transmission. This advanced formula is designed to meet the stringent Volvo ATF specifications, ensuring exceptional protection and durability for your vehicle.


  • Full synthetic formula for superior performance and longevity.
  • Specifically formulated to meet Volvo ATF specifications.
  • Enhances transmission efficiency and reduces wear and tear.
  • Exceptional temperature stability for consistent performance.


  • Superior lubrication for extended transmission life.
  • Ensures smooth shifting and consistent performance.
  • Resists heat and oxidation, maintaining fluid integrity.
  • Protects against wear, reducing the need for costly repairs.
  • Meets or exceeds Volvo’s stringent ATF requirements.


  • Premium synthetic fluids may be more expensive than conventional alternatives.

Nulon Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

JWS 3309 Transmission Fluid Equivalent

Nulon Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a premium lubricant designed to meet OEM specs, including the stringent 3309 or Toyota T-IV requirements. This high-quality fluid ensures optimal performance and protection for your transmission system.


  • Full synthetic formulation for superior lubrication
  • Enhances shifting smoothness and reduces friction
  • Exceptional resistance to thermal breakdown
  • Guards against wear and corrosion


  • Precision-engineered for compatibility with various transmission systems
  • Maintains consistent performance in extreme temperatures
  • Prolongs transmission lifespan
  • Reduces maintenance costs


  • Premium price point compared to conventional fluids

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MaxLife Transmission Fluid

MaxLife Transmission Fluid

MaxLife Transmission Fluid is a premium synthetic automatic transmission fluid type. mSpecifically formulated to meet GM (General Motors) requirements. Designed to provide superior protection and performance for your vehicle’s transmission.


  • High-quality synthetic formulation for enhanced durability.
  • GM-approved, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.
  • Reduces friction and wear, extending the life of your transmission.


  • Improved shifting performance and smoother operation.
  • Protects against overheating and oxidation.
  • Suitable for various GM vehicles and other applications.


  • May not be compatible with some non-GM vehicles.

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What Is Jws3309?

JWS3309 is a specification for transmission oil used in certain vehicles, defining the required quality and performance standards. It ensures that the oil meets the specific needs of the transmission system.

What Is The Aisin Type T-Iv Equivalent To Jws3309?

Aisin Type T-IV is equivalent to JWS3309, making it compatible with Mobil 3309 ATF. This is recommended for use in transmissions.

Jws 3309 Transmission Fluid Viscosity

JWS 3309 transmission fluid maintains the ideal viscosity for smooth gear shifting, protecting your vehicle’s transmission system with its carefully engineered formulation.

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Mobil Atf 3309 Equivalent Valvoline

Mobil ATF 3309 does not have an equivalent Valvoline product as Valvoline does not manufacture a fluid with a similar specification.

Mobil Atf 3309 Equivalent

The Mobil ATF 3309 equivalent can be found in Penrite’s 4L ATF FS and Valvoline MaxLife transmission fluids. These options offer (comparable) performance and compatibility, ensuring smooth and reliable transmission operation.

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Is Mobil Atf 3309 Synthetic

Mobil ATF 3309 is a synthetic transmission fluid; it meets the JWS 3309 or GM 9986195 specifications for automatic transmission fluids.

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ATF 3309 Vs Dexron 3

ATF 3309 is a recommended synthetic ATF fluid, while Dexron 3 is an older transmission fluid. ATF 3309 offers superior performance and protection, making it a better choice for modern vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which brand of transmission fluid is best?

The choice of the best transmission fluid depends on your vehicle’s specifications. Many experts recommend using a high-quality transmission fluid like Amsoil ATF.

2. Which transmission fluid is best for Toyota?

Toyota vehicles typically perform well with the proper fluid, and Amsoil ATF is a trusted choice for its quality and performance.

3. What fluid is in CVT transmission?

Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) require the proper fluid for optimal performance. Amsoil ATF is a reliable option for CVTs.


In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the right transmission fluid for your vehicle, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and performance.

JWS 3309 transmission fluid equivalent is specifically designed for vehicles that require this particular specification.

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